A Project For Education 3040-34

A Project for Education 3040- 34

Monday, December 5, 2011

The End is here . . . Wait! It's the beginning!?!

    I found keeping this blog and learning about the joys of the interent to be very informative.  I never knew so many sites existed that could aide me one my trek to become a teacher.  Generally, art classrooms do not use computers until high school, and if they do, there are only a handful.  This is because every student needs a computer for long periods of time and many times the computers given may not have the softwear needed for specific projects.  So, the things that I found most benefitial for me were the ones that helped teachers educate themselves and interact with co-workers.  I will uses many of the sites I have learned about to help me become the teacher I want to be and the teacher that students need.

Thing # 23 :D

    From what I know, APSU's 23 things is based on the idea of http://www.43things.com/.  I believe that another university started the educational 23things and APSU tweaked it.  Although I am not positive.
    Teaching students about creative commons and copyright is espically important in today's society.  As an art teacher, it is very important that students know about copyrighting.  I have visited some classes where students simply find a work they like on the internet, print it, and copy it.  Firstly, students need to know if they can use this image (has CC) or they need to contact the maker of the image. And secondly, they is NOT creativity and only shows me that they can copy someones work.  I believe that is alright to be inspired by a piece as long as it does not look exactly like someone else's work.

Thing # 22

The titles of my livejournals are:
1. Ceramic instruction- Contains references for when I begin to teach students about ceramics and clay.
2. Art Education1- holds information for me on many different art education websites.
3. Art Lessons- Is shown above and has many lesson plans for art in elementary school.

For the classroom, I can see students using livejournal to easily view websites I have collected for them.  Some could be informational, discussing different artists and media, while others could be a storehouse for interactive websites.  I could also have them do research for a project using the sources I found.  This way I can be sure that the sites are appropiate and easy for them to understand.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Thing # 21

Being an artsy person, I really loved this site.  It was very easy to navigate and I think that even elementary school children could use it.  Animoto produces professional looking videos with very little effort for the maker of the video. The major downside to using this is that, like most amazing things, it costs to do anything substantial.  Anything over 30 seconds you have to pay for.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Thing # 20

I love youtube!  It is a great place to learn about new subjects and sometimes lose time.  It is very easy to locate information with the search bar but you do get flop videos.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kapm9e6y2hA  This video I found will really help me when I begin teaching students how to throw the wheel.  There are also informative videos on artists and artistic movements that I could show during a lesson.  I will definately use this site when I teach in the future.

Thing # 19

    I am no currently a member of any online community but I do look at IMBD from time to time.  From the list, I liked craftster.org.  Craftster is a site that showcases others crafty hobbies.  I enjoy seeing what creative things others are into.  Good Reads is another site that I could use in the future.  I could use it to find personal reads as well as books that children would like.  I could base an art lesson around a popular book or have students choose a book that inspires them.

Thing # 18

    It is very important for teachers to know how to use social networking.  It is slowly becoming the prefered communication method over email.  This is a link to my profile http://www.facebook.com/#!/profile.php?id=844110071.  I have been a user of facebook since highschool and it seems to be the only way one can "talk" to those they do not see.  I can see using facebook and twitter with other teachers or learning about teaching methods.  I believe that it is highly inappropiate and unprofessional for a teacher to "friend" a student.  This crosses the boundry for a correct student- teacher relationship.  Facebook is a personal place.
     Twitter can be a good place for students to learn about the world and others point of view.  They could follow a news site or and organization.